We have homework every Monday - Thursday in 2nd Grade!
Please check you child's homework planning page every night. This paper will contain our essential questions from the day. Students do not need to answer these questions in writing. The questions are provided for you to use as conversation starters each evening and as a way to keep you informed about what we are doing in the classroom.
Read for 10 Minutes - Each night your child should read for about 10 minutes. Please be sure that your child is reading "Just Right Books" for this assignment. A just right book would be one where your child needed help with less than about 3 words on a page. For more information on finding just right books see Mrs. Witmer's webpage. When your child finishes reading the book, please have him/her talk to you about the book.

Spelling Packets - I will send home a spelling packet each week. The packet does not need to be turned in; the intent of the packets is to provide students practice with the words and the spelling concepts. Each week our spelling list will be specific to a spelling pattern that we will study throughout the week.

Math - Most nights your child will have a page of math homework that should be a review of what we did in class that day.

Miscellaneous - Occasionally I will send home other various assignments. Check your child's agenda for this information each evening.

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